Arts and Crafts Workshops for Exciting Events

Our arts and crafts workshops are great fun and can be added to a large event as entertainment or they can be the focus of your party. While we have great activities like slime, bath bomb making, cupcake decorating and tie-dye these activities tend to require set start times so that everyone can follow the workshop steps easily.

The great thing about our arts and crafts activity is that it works well for events where your guests are dropping by the craft table through out the event. Our table is always staffed and fully equipped so those who like to spend a bit longer on their crafts can sit on and enjoy creating. However, it also works well if your guests only have 10 or 15 minutes to make something.

Our aim is that everyone leaves with something they are proud of. That’s why we only stock top quality engaging crafts that last. Our activities are also virtually mess free and we are experts at keeping the space tidy, so you won’t need to clean up after the event. Every workshop is mobile so we can come out to anywhere in Northern Ireland. However, we have a small travel charge for areas outside of Belfast, just to cover staff fuel. 

Each craft can be easily themed making them perfect for kids birthday parties, seasonal community festivals to corporate fun days.

Here are some of our arts and crafts workshops that you will love. Get in touch to discuss options, we offer bulk discounts for large events.  You can also keep up to date with our latest news on our Facebook page.

Scratch Sketching Crafts

In our scratch sketching workshop kids can create their own design by scratching off the special coated surface on top to reveal rainbow colours. Its great fun and very relaxing to make patterns in this virtually mess free activity. We can provide a wide range of shapes so theming this craft to your event or the season is easy. We can show you a range of options including scratch sketch magnets, book marks, keyrings, windmills and hanging decorations.

Wood Crafts

We love wood crafts because they last forever so they make a lovely keepsake. Our wood crafts can be decorated using paint or felt tips, if you prefer a mess free approach. We provide simple wooden Christmas decorations, keyrings and magnets if you’d like a quick craft that your guests can drop by and decorate. If your guests have a little more time, you might like to choose from our other wood crafts like stand up animals, photo frames, puppets or wooden games. No glue or sharp tools needed!

Foam Kits

Our foam crafts are funky and colourful with lots to stick on! You can put your own spin on our foam masks, wands, wreaths and swords. We even have foam wind up racers or you can weave your own foam baskets. Every part is pre-cut so they are simple to make and great for young kids as well as older children. There is no glue or paint involved making foam crafts a great option if you are concerned about mess.

Colouring in Crafts

Sometimes traditional is best! Colouring is a mindful craft activity the kids can get engrossed in. However, at Makes and Bakes our activities aim to inspire imagination so you won’t see regular old colouring pages at our events, We offer colour-in crafts such as window decorations, card masks, biff bats, air gliders, snow globes, greetings cards and fuzzy decorations. Guests can also make paper lanterns or paper hats too. 

Fabric Crafts

We love a fabric craft as they are a great way for kids to show their personalities and create something unique. We offer t-shirt decorating for smaller events, if you know your guests t-shirt sizes. However, if you are holding a big event with drop in guest and still like the sound of fabric decorating, don’t worry. Your guests can still decorate caps, tote bags, flags, hand puppets, eye masks, aprons, purses and wall hangings! This is another mess free activity as we use fabric markers and self adhesive labels instead of glue or paint!

Keyrings, Magnets and Badges

While we have touched on keyrings, badges and magnets in the crafts above its still worth mentioning these on their own as they are great if your guests don’t have long to spend on their craft. These quick makes are perfect for big events with lots of people dropping by throughout the day. They are also one of our cheapest craft options, so they are a great choice if you are planning an event on a budget. It allows kids to make something tangible to remember the day and the fun they had!

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