Our Belfast Art Clubs

Our Belfast Art Clubs tackle a new project each week. So, there are always news skills to pick up and new hobbies to discover. We actually run kids art clubs as well as adult art clubs so we are kept busy the following projects are typical activities that we do in our children’s groups. However, if you are look for for information on our adults groups you can find it here!that you never thought of trying before. hidden talent that you never knew you had! great fun and can be added to a large event as entertainment or they can be the focus of your party. While we have great activities like slime, bath bomb making, cupcake decorating and tie-dye these activities tend to require set start times so that everyone can follow the workshop steps easily.

We work with an occupational therapist to develop a program of projects that benefit fine motor skills. The aim for each club to be relaxing and welcoming! We believe that creative hobbies are a healthy habit for children to develop, to help manage stress or anxiety throughout life. Above all our Belfast art clubs for kids are great fun and a wonderful way to ignite the creative spark. Below are just a few examples of some of the crafts our are kids groups might make at a typical session.

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Scratch Sketching Crafts

Scratch sketching  is great for developing kids fine motor skills. It works by creating a design by scratching off the special black coated surface on top to reveal the rainbow colours beneath. We love it because it is fun and very relaxing to make patterns. Its also virtually mess free! Our craft groups have tried scratch art in a wide range of shapes and projects including magnets, book marks, keyrings, windmills and hanging decorations.

Wood Crafts

We love wood crafts because they last forever so they make a lovely keepsake. Our wood crafts can be decorated using paint or felt tips, we have even been known to stick faux fur and googly eyes on them to make woolly mammoths.  Makes and Bakes Art clubs will make everything from wooden Christmas decorations and magnets to stand up animals, photo frames, puppets or wooden games. Best of all the kids never have to use glue or sharp tools!

Foam Kits

Our fun and colourful foam crafts are a staple at our art clubs. The foam crafts are Belfast art clubs make our full of personality and come with plenty of stickers and decorations to make them your own. From foam masks and wands to wreaths and swords, the possibilities are endless. And we even have some fun STEM based activities like wind-up racers and DIY foam baskets, so kids can learn while they play.

Fabric Crafts

We love a fabric craft as they are a great way for kids to show their personalities and create something unique. Our art clubs have been know to decorate everything from t-shirts, caps, tote bags, flags, hand puppets, eye masks, aprons, purses and wall hangings! We love this activity as we really get to see kids individuality, everyone’s design is so unique!

Keyrings, Magnets and Badges

Keyrings, badges and magnets are fab crafts because you can keep them forever. Kids can make their drawings last by sealing them in plastic to display. This is one of our go to crafts for our taster sessions where anyone whos interested in joining our art clubs can drop in.

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