Arts and Crafts Workshops

Our arts and crafts workshop are guaranteed to be a big hit at your event. We specialise in high quality crafts with a purpose, that your guests will be proud to take home and show off. We can even theme the craft to your event.

Our craft includes projects like foam masks, key rings, badges and ceramics. Let us know a little bit about your event and we can recommend some suitable activities. This workshop can work for big corporate or public events with guests dropping by the arts and crafts table throughout the day. However they can also be booked for private parties. The activities are suitable for children from ages four and up, younger children can still get involved with the help of a responsible adult.

You can learn about our types of crafts below. We usually have a range of themes that may vary slightly but the overall project will stay the same. For instance, in October we have a range of Halloween themed wooden lanterns, however, in December our lantern range will be Christmas themed

Foam Crafts

Our foam crafts are perfect for themed events. They are pre-cut and sticky back so there is no mess involved. Crafts include wands, decorations, mirrors and masks. 

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Wood Crafts

Assemble and decorate our range of wooden crafts. If paint seems a little too messy we have decorating pens instead. Typical projects include bird houses, windmills and puppets.

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Fabric Crafts

We have a diverse range of fabric crafts including decorating bags, t-shirts and caps. Kids can also have a go at sewing with a safe plastic needle on projects like making toys.

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Card Crafts

Sometimes simple is best! Our crafts include a wide range of pre-cut designs to colour in and also relaxing scratch art to enjoy doodling on.

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Decorate Crafts

Our decorate range includes blank ceramic and plastic crafts, like pots and mugs that your guests will have fun designing. 

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Quick Crafts

Projects like keyrings, magnets or baubles, that are great for large events where guests drop-by for 10-15 mins.

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Quality themed crafts for your event

This workshop works for big drop-in events but can also be added to private parties for £6.50 per guest

We can offer bulk discounts for large events

For ages 4+

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