Makes & Bakes Childrens Birthday Parties NI

At Makes and Bakes we have a fantastic range of creative activities perfect for Childrens Birthday Parties NI  Not only are our craft workshops great fun, but after all these years running kids entertainment all over NI, we really are pros. That means when you book Childrens Birthday Parties NI with us you can rely on it being stress (and mess) free. Here are a few more things to know about the activity.

We Are Mobile & Can Come to Your Venue

Yes, there’s no need to work out how the whole class of 28 and all the cousins are getting into Belfast city centre. Our Slime Parties come to you! We are able to come out to anywhere in Northern Ireland to run our workshops. So no matter if you are up in Armagh Tyrone Antrim or anywhere else for that matter, you can always keep your party local. We also have a list of local leisure centres and halls where you can rent a space if you have a larger group.

The Kitchen is Usually the Best Place to Set Up

If you aren’t keen on hiring a hall or venue we can come to your house instead. We generally recommend setting up in a kitchen as it is usually an open space with hard floor. However if another room suits better that’s no problem, but a non-carpeted area generally works well for a quick clean up. 

Consider the Dress Code

Most of our activities are completely mess free. However, when it comes to tie-dye and slime it can be wise to take a few extra precautions. It’s best to advise kids to wear old clothes or clothes they don’t mind getting messy.  We’ve found that kids have a much better time at the workshop when they can fully immerse themselves without worrying about getting slime on their favourite football top or party dress. We also suggest that kids with long hair tie it back in a plait or ponytail to avoid getting their hair in their craft. 

All You Need Are Tables and Chairs

Our workshops come fully stocked with all the materials needed to create amazing things. We also bring any equipment necessary as well. All you need to do is provide a suitable space with tables and chairs for your guests to sit around and enjoy the workshop.

Our Crafts are Always Top Quality 

Our aim is that the kids go away from every one of our childrens birthday parties NI delighted with what they have made. All our crafts are designed to be something guests can be proud of, and that means top quality materials and projects

Our Crafts Can be Customised and Themed

At all our Makes and Bakes workshops we enjoy seeing how our guests put their own spin on things. Our guests have the opportunity to add their own flair to whatever they make be it slime, bath bombs or tie-dye t-shirts. We also offer themed crafts for all events and occasions too.

Younger Children May Need Extra Supervision

Our Childrens Birthday Parties NI activities are mostly suitable for all ages, but kids under primary school age need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to supervise them on a more close basis, particularly during the slime or tie-dye workshop.  This way, we can make sure that every child has the support they need to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

You can book Childrens Birthday Parties NI here or see our Facebook Page for our latest news.