Childrens Entertainment NI

Are you on the hunt for top-notch childrens entertainment NI for your next party or event? Makes and Bakes have you covered with our range of high quality arts and crafts workshops, a hands-on, one-of-a-kind experience that will keep the little ones entertained throughout your event.

We have lots of experience providing entertainment for everything from large public events to kids birthdays. We can offer hour long workshops starting at set start times as well as quicker drop-in workshops where guests can stop by the arts and crafts table whenever they like.  All our activities come fully staffed and equipped too, so there’s no stress or mess involved

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Candle Making Workshops

Using our special coloured modelling wax, you can unleash your creativity and craft any shape of candle your heart desires. Our workshop is completely mess-free and does not require working over heat, making it a safe activity for kids. 

Bath Bomb Making Workshops

Our Bath Bomb workshop is the epitome or relaxation and works for kids groups and adults groups.  Everyone has the opportunity to personalise their bath bomb with colours, scents, glitter or other seasonal ingredients. The bombs home can be brought home in their mould to allow it to set at home.

Slime Workshops

Here at Makes and Bakes, we make A-LOT of slime. Kids can make stretchy slime and then personalise their creations with their choice of colour, glitter and other seasonal ingredients. Your instructor can even teach your group about the science behind the activity making it fun  and educational. At the end of the activity guests can take their slime home in resealing bags.

Tie-Dye Workshops

Tie-dye is a favourite of ours because every result is unique. Our instructor will teach the group several design techniques to create a fantastic shirt or bag with our range of marvellous colours. While we are pros at keeping the mess to a minimum we do recommend old clothes for this one, just in case!

Wood Crafts

Our wood crafts are great food. Your guests can Assemble and decorate our range of wooden crafts, with our instructor on side to help anyone who need it. If paint seems a little too messy we have decorating pens instead! Typical projects include bird houses, windmills and puppets.

Card Crafts

scratch art mobiles

Fabric Crafts

Our foam crafts are perfect for themed events. They are pre-cut and sticky back so there is absolutely no mess involved and no scissors or sharp tools used. They are great for all ages of kids and work really well for large events. Typical crafts include wands, decorations, mirrors and masks. Learn more here!

Fabric Crafts

Fabric art is great for kids and teenagers because everyone can put their own spin on things. We have a diverse range of fabric craft projects including decorating bags, t-shirts and caps. Kids can also have a go at sewing with our safe plastic needle sewing projects like making toys.

Quick Crafts

If you are running a large event where people will be dropping by the arts and crafts table to do a 5 to 15 minute crafts, we have a great range of suitable projects. Crafts like making keyrings, magnets or baubles are perfect for this type of event. We can even offer bulk buy discounts. 

Cupcake Decorating Workshops

Last but not least we have our cupcake decorating workshop, a firm favourite for both children and adults. You pick the design and step-by-step we will lead your group in creating two fantastic fondant cupcake toppers! This suitable for all ages and  if you let us know in advance we can often accommodate special dietary. Our cupcakes are pre-cooked so there is no dangerous heat involved.

Booking Childrens Entertainment NI

Get in contact with us to arrange a craft workshop for your event or child’s birthday party today and book unique childrens entertainment NI today!