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Arts and crafts workshop

If you are looking for children’s entertainers Belfast or beyond, you have a lot of options. You can get a face painter or a balloon modeller. You could consider a character mascot or hiring a favourite princess or superhero to come. However, if you are looking for something hands-on and unique to keep kids occupied for longer, an arts and crafts workshop is a fantastic option. They can be booked for a huge range of events from birthday parties, to community events and festivals. Its a unique way to keep your guests entertained and everyone leaves with a memento of the day, making it a memorable experience. Best of all most of our workshops can be themed. We offer seasonal themes like Christmas, Halloween and Easter. As well as a range of other themes. We have done everything from vets to ninjas, superheroes to unicorns. You just name it!

All our activities are fully staffed and equipped. So you don’t need organise anything other than a table and chairs. We can also come out to any venue in Northern Ireland!

 Here are a few of our activities that you will love. You can book our activities on our website or you can keep up to date with our latest news on our Facebook page

Candle Making Workshops

Our Candle Making Workshop is fun for adults and kids. We use a special coloured modelling wax that allows you to create whatever shape you like. The design can even be themed to the event we’ve made everything from witches hats candles for Halloween to roses for wedding centre pieces. You can even create floating candles. This workshop is mess free and does not involve working over heat. It makes a good choice for a birthday party or a hen do activity.

Arts and crafts workshop rose candle making

Bath Bomb Making Workshops

Crafting might be our happy place but our Bath Bomb workshops are definitely uniquely relaxing. Making bath bombs is a fun activity for adults groups as well as kids workshops. Your bath bomb can be customised with a range of colours, fragrances, glitter and other seasonal add ins. You can bring your bath bombs home in its mould to allow it to set. Then they are good to go for use in the bath or shower.  During the activity your group will learn about aromatherapy, or for kids groups, the workshop can be run as a hands on science activity to teach about chemical reactions.

Makes and Bakes Arts and crafts workshop Bath bomb making

Slime Workshops

The slime craze has not slowed down yet. Making slime is still one of our most popular workshops for kids. The group makes stretchy slime and then they will personalise their creations with a choice of fun colours, glitters and other seasonal ingredients. Your Makes and Bakes instructor will even teach your group a little of the science behind the activity. So, not only will kids have fun but they will also learn a little.

This activity is suitable for primary school aged kids.  Younger children can still take part if an adult in your group can provide one-to-one support. We are expert at keeping mess to a minimum. However, we do recommend that our guests wear older clothes and keep long hair tied back, just in case. 

purple Makes and Bakes Slime party belfast ni Arts and crafts workshop

Tie-Dye Workshops

 In our fabric art workshops you will design and create a uniquely marvellous t-shirt or tote using tie-dye. You will be taught techniques to tie your fabric to create different styles. Then you will have access to a spectrum of colours to starting dying and personalising your t-shirt or bag.

This is a great activity for children and adults alike. You will be provided with aftercare instructions and bags to take home your designs so they can dry safely. Please note that while we are used to keeping mess to a minimum we do recommend wearing old clothes for this activity just in case. This is one of our favourite workshops because we just love seeing how each piece turns out different but stunning each time.

Arts and crafts workshop Tie dye t-shirt fabric art

Arts and Crafts Workshops

Our arts and crafts workshops are a guaranteed hit for big events like corporate fun days and community festivals. We are crafting professionals, so that means we only select high quality crafts with a use to run at our events. Our selection changes seasonally however, the type of things we might make include projects like foam masks, wooden puppets and personalised keyrings, as well as painting ceramics. We can even our crafts to your event or the season.  Not only will your guests leave feeling proud of there creation, they will also be taking home a nice souvenir of the day. 

If you would like us to send you some possible options for your event, you can let us know a little more about your theme and we can recommend some suitable activities. This workshop can run as a drop in workshop, guests can simply join in as and when they arrive. However, if you prefer we can also run workshops at set intervals so everyone is on the same step at once. 

Arts and crafts workshop

Cupcake Decorating Workshops

The cupcake decorating workshop is a favourite of adults and children. You or your child can select a design for your group. We have lots of options from animals to animated characters, we can even do a design based on your pet!  Step-by-step, we lead the group in creating two fondant based cupcake designs. One more simple so everyone can get the hang of the techniques, then another more complex design.

This activity is suitable for ages four and up. Younger children are welcome to join with the support of an adult in your group to help with the fiddly bits.  We can adjust our recipes where possible if we are given notice of allergies in advance.  Our cupcakes are baked meaning we do not need access to the oven nor is there any dangerous heat involved.

cupcake decorating arts and crafts workshop owl makes and bakes belfast

Booking children’s entertainers Belfast

Get in contact with us to arrange a craft workshop for your event or child’s birthday party today and book unique children’s entertainers Belfast today