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About Our After School Groups & Art Clubs

Our art clubs and after school groups meet weekly. At Makes and Bakes we are all huge advocates for the benefits of creative activities. From improved fine motor skills to better mental health, the positives of getting crafty really stack up! We love working with our clubs because we meet regularly and therefore we get to see all these benefits in action.

We have a selection of clubs available so there is something for people of all ages and abilities. Each week our groups will try something new and create something to be proud of. Whether you are looking for a little bit of time to yourself to do something crafty, or whether you have a young artist on your hands who would like to develop their skills, there are loads of reasons to join a Makes and Bakes art club. Check out some typical art clubs crafts here or see our latest afterschool updates here. 

You can request a space for you or a child on one of our existing clubs. However, if you are interested in adding an art or cookery afterschool club to your local school or you would like to request a craft group for your community you can get in contact below.

Reasons to Join Our Art Clubs

Mindful and calming

Time to Relax

It can be a little bit tricky to find time in our busy day to relax and often its hard to know where to start if you do find time! Being part of a makes & bakes art club allows children and adults to take some time out each week.

Art allows us to become engrossed in the creative process, freeing our minds from distractions and worries. Therefore crafting is a great form of mindfulness, and when practiced regularly it can help reduce anxiety and  help us manage stress better.

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Development & Neurodiversity

Designed By Experts

When designing our activities we worked with an occupational therapist and a number of local neurodiversity charities. We wanted our art clubs to be accessible to everyone including those with

we also wanted to ensure that our crafts allowed children to develop their fine motor skills and creative problem solving. That’s why each week we incorporate different movements like sculpting or threading

Top Quality Materials Fully Equipped

Activities to be Proud of

Its important to us that everyone leaves a Makes and Bakes Club feeling pleased with what they’ve created. To achieve this we always ensure every activity is top quality and fully equipped. (There are no kitchen roll tubes stuck to paper plates in sight!)

One week at our kids clubs we might create wooden puppets, the next we are sculpting pots. In our adult art clubs we could be crafting a needlefelt garland and the next week we will be making Autumn wreaths.

Arts and crafts workshop
Pick up new crafting techniques

A New Activity Weekly

We are on a mission to prove most people are creative! Its just a matter of finding the right medium to work with. That’s why our art clubs will have a new activity every week.

Joining a makes and bakes club is a great way for you or your child to try out new techniques like sculpting, printmaking, fabric work and fondant art. You might even find a fantastic new hobby you never considered before!

Social Skills & Self Esteem

Make New Friends

No matter what age we are its always nice to spend time with people who share our interests. At a Makes and Bakes Group you will meet similarly minded, creative people.

This is great for kids, especially those who are a little shy, as its an easy way to make new friends and socialise. Art club is a relaxed environment that doesn’t have the pressures that some children feel in team sports. Kids can focus on their own creation and talk to others around them gradually and on their own terms.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of adding a Makes and Bakes Club to a community centre, nursing home or school, email us directly at

My little girl absolutely loves this.. She comes home each week buzzing with what she’s created.. we think its given her a wee confidence boost 🙂

Niamh - Afterschool Club

Thanx for a great summer scheme M+B!  Rachel and Daniel had a blast and are already ready 2 go back next summer! 

Ashley - Sumer Scheme

I joined the Belfast group last year. The ladies and I have had a lot of fun. We have tried many crafts but I loved the needle felting the best. I have even taken it up at home (in front of the TV!). Thank you again girls.

Miriam - Adults Group

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