5 Tips for Fantastic Childrens Parties in Belfast

cute kids playing birthday party cat woman entertains guests childresn parties in belfast

There are a whole host of options for childrens parties in Belfast so there is something to suit every child. However, it can feel like a lot of work and organisation to plan a birthday party.  As a parent, you want to ensure that your child and their friends have a fantastic time. Here are five tips to help you plan a fun and stress-free childrens party in Belfast.

cute kids playing birthday party cat woman entertains guests childresn parties in belfast

Choose a Great Venue

When it comes to childrens parties in Belfast or elsewhere, the venue can set the tone for the entire event. You could consider choosing a unique venue to make the party special. In Belfast, you can opt for venues such as We Are Vertigo, Streamvale Farm, the Ice Bowl, laser quest at the Ozone or Belfast Zoo. These venues offer exciting and interactive experiences that will keep the children entertained and engaged throughout the party.

Alternatively, you could consider hiring a fully equipped venue like a leisure centre or hall, or even having the party in your own house. This way you can bring in entertainers to keep everyone occupied having fun!

Plan the Activities and Entertainment

When you have a big group of kids games and entertainment can keep everyone out of trouble!  You can organise traditional party games like musical statues, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey, because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  If you want to step it up a level consider hiring a magician, face painter, or balloon artist. A bouncy castle is a great idea because it lets everyone play independently. You could also make the entertainment the main focus of the party with a art workshop. Makes & Bakes can run a selection of great craft parties including bath bomb making and slime parties.

Get Creative with the Theme and Decorations

Kids love going all out! Themes also make a party all the more memorable, they will look back with fondness on their superhero themed 7th birthday for many years! You can order decorations and themed cups and plates online to transform the venue. Getting creative with the decorations and party favours can also add an exciting touch to the event. You could also consider themed entertainment, for instance you can hire characters like Disney princesses to come to the party. At Makes and Bakes we can theme some of our party workshops including our cupcake decorating activity. Your child can pick the design so it can be anything they like. We can even do a cupcake themed of your pet!

Delicious and Kid-Friendly Food

Food is often a highlight of any party!  Make sure to provide a variety of delicious and kid-friendly food options to cater to the young guests. Finger foods, colourful snacks, and a themed cake are always a hit. If you’re hosting the party at a venue, check if they offer catering services or if you need to arrange the food yourself.

Don’t Forget the Party Bags

Party bags are a classic element of childrens parties, and they are always appreciated on the way out the door. Fill the bags with small toys, sweets, and other treats. You can even customised the party bags according to the theme to make them even more exciting for the kids.

To conclude our tips for childrens parties in Belfast

With these tips in mind, you’ll have no problem planning fantastic childrens parties in Belfast that will be a hit with both the kids and their parents. You’re sure to create wonderful memories for your child and their friends.

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