Fun and Creative Themes for Kids Parties

Kids Parties

Kids parties can often involve a lot of organisation and as a parent it can be tricky to know where to start. Choosing a great theme is usually a great first step as it can help make the other decisions easy. From the venue to the food and activities, it often depends on getting the theme right first. Here are some exiting ideas to help you get started.

Ideas for Kids Parties

Superhero Showdown

Calling all superheroes! Be it Spiderman, Wonder Woman or Batman superheroes never go out of fashion, making this a great theme for kids parties

Design fun and exciting invitations that feature superhero-themed elements like masks, capes, or comic book exclamations.

Encourage the kids to dress up as their favourite superheroes. Not only does this add to the fun, but it also creates fantastic photo opportunities for both the kids and their parents.

Create a ‘Superhero Training Bootcamp’  where you set up obstacle courses for them to navigate. You could also have a cape and mask decorating station. f you buy plain capes or masks online they can jazz them up with fabric markers or coloured stick on felt shapes.

You could also hire a superhero entertainer to come or organise a game like “Pin the Emblem on the Superhero” 

Get creative with the snacks by giving them superhero-themed names. For example, you could have “power punch” for drinks, “super sandwiches” for food.

five children dressed Kids Parties

Pirate Adventure

Arrr, me hearties! Are you ready to set sail on a pirate adventure? 

Transform the room into a pirate’s paradise with skull and crossbones flags, treasure chests, and nautical trinkets. You can even create a DIY pirate ship using cardboard boxes for a captivating centrepiece.

Encourage everyone to dress in their best pirate gear. Eye patches, bandanas, and gold hoop earrings will have them feeling like true seafaring rogues.  Set up a “dress-up station” with extra pirate attire for anyone who may have forgotten their garb.

X marks the spot! No pirate party would be complete without a treasure hunt! Create a map leading to hidden “buried treasure” (such as gold chocolate coins or small trinkets) and let the little adventurers follow the clues to discover the plunder. 

Send your young buccaneers off with a parting gift to remember the adventure. You could give out small bags of gold chocolate coins, temporary tattoos, or miniature telescopes as souvenirs of their pirate escapade.

pirate Kids Parties

A Princess Ball

For a party fit for royalty decorate space with colour-coordinated sparkly tablecloths, balloons, and streamers. Incorporate princess-themed items such as tiaras, fairy lights and castle cut-outs. Add glitter where ever you can to enhance the magical atmosphere.

Encourage everyone to dress up as princesses (or princes). You can provide a few extra costumes for guests who may not have one to ensures everyone feels included in the royal festivities.

Think about hiring a character princess entertainer to come and visit. You could also organise a royal ball using Disney music. Have a tiara or crown decorating station or have a storytelling sessions. Create a DIY photo booth with princess-themed props for some added excitement.

Design a fairy tale banquet. You could make finger sandwiches, fairy godmother fruit wands, heart-shaped cookies and sparkling punch. Don’t forget to include a princess-themed cake for the centrepiece.

Send your guests home with on theme party favours like tiaras, magic wands, princess stickers, or small trinkets. Personalise the favours with each guest’s name to add a special touch.

Kids Parties little girl princess

Jungle Party

Kids parties can already be a bit wild once you add all the sugar and e-numbers into the mix. So, why not go the whole hog and let your imagination run wild with a jungle safari theme. Decorate with jungle themed plush animals, green and brown streamers, leafy vines, and inflatable palm trees.

Guests can dress up as their favourite jungle animals or explorers. You could even provide simple costume pieces like animal masks or explorer hats.

A jungle scavenger hunt where kids search for hidden animal toys or treats can be great fun. You could also set up a “Pin the Tail on the Tiger” or “Monkey See, Monkey Do” game (like Simon says).

You can even organise a for a visit from a petting zoo or a reptile handler. Its sure to be a hit.

When it comes to food, you can get creative with jungle-themed snacks like “monkey munch” (trail mix), “snake sandwiches” (pinwheel wraps), and “jungle juice” (fruit punch). Consider serving the snacks in bamboo or leaf-shaped plates for an extra touch.

Jungle cake Kids Parties

Disco Fever

If you are throwing a party for a dancing queen in the making, a disco party is groovy choice. If you don’t have enough space in your house for a dance floor you can hire a local community centre.

No disco party is complete without the right music. Curate a playlist with upbeat songs that kids will love to dance to. Kidz Pop on Spotify is great. Think about popular tracks and throw in some classic disco hits to add to the vibe. You can also run games like musical statues and musical chairs.

When it comes to decorations, think sparkles, bright colours, and disco balls. Set the mood with colourful streamers, balloons, and banners. Consider adding a dance floor area with a sparkly backdrop where the kids can show off their moves. Of course, you can’t forget the speakers and disco lights.

Send the kids home with a little something to remember the party by. Consider disco-themed party favours such as glow sticks, mini disco balls, temporary tattoos, or personalized keychains.

kids neon disco party Kids Parties

If you are still looking for ideas for kids parties check out some of our creative workshops. We can come out to your venue to run all sorts of art workshops. Check out our Facebook page to keep up with our latest events.

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