Halloween Activities and Entertainment Ideas

Spooky season is nearly upon. Soon the fake cobwebs will be up and trick-or-treaters will be ringing the doorbell. As you can imagine, our activity instructors have been to A LOT of Halloween shindigs, so I decided to do a sweep round our staff to ask for the best Halloween activities and party tips they’ve seen on the job:

Stick Sparklers in Carrots

Rebecca’s Tip

This may seem like an odd one at first, but its actually a really good idea. Sticking sparklers in carrots allows kids to take part in the fun in a more safe way. The carrot doesn’t conduct heat so even when the sparkler burns down it keeps kids hands away from the hot part. The carrot also makes for an easier chunky grip to hold.

Donuts on a String

halloween activities

 Rebecca’s Tip

Bobbing for apples is great! But, we know that many households are still cautious about COVID, so this year why not try a new game! Tie ring donuts up above your door frame and watch your guest try and eat them without letting them fall. They are a lot easier to tie up than apples and they are quicker to eat. Plus every individual can have their own donut and string meaning it’s a health and safety conscious activity. Get your video at the ready because watching your kids trying to polish off an entire donut hanging from a string is pretty funny!

Mummy Wrap Race

Maeve’s Tip
This game involves splitting your guests into two groups and giving them one toilet roll per group. The teams then choose one team member to be the mummy. Then the teams will race the other group in wrapping up their mummy to see who can finish the toilet roll fastest. You can add extra points for style and deduct points if any of the paper falls off before judging.

Spider Hunt

halloween events

Ciara’s tip
This one works a bit like an Easter egg hunt but instead of chocolate eggs you can hide little plastic spiders around your house. The kids can go and collect all the spiders and then turn them in in exchange for sweets or other prizes. Not only are the spiders on theme, using them also means that you can keep an eye on how many sweets each child gets, making sure they are evenly distributed.  Just make sure that all the spiders have been collected, otherwise, you might get a fright when you see one out of the corner of your eye the week after.

Spooky Sensory Box

Amy’s Tip

For this game you will need three large bowls. Fill one bowl with cold spaghetti one with jelly and the final one with grapes in a little bit of water. Then you can hide prizes like packets of sweets or little toys in each one. Guests have to feel around to find their prize. Make it extra tricky by blindfolding your guests or covering the bowls with cardboard boxes with a hole in each for your guests to put their hands in.

Pumpkin Punch Bowl

Halloween Belfast

Emily’s Tip

Most of our tips so far have been for kid’s parties, but this one works really well for adults parties too. Hollow out a large pumpkin and cut the top off it. Inside it place a large bowl. You can now fill it with Halloween punch (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), use it to display snacks or even put ice in it and use it as a beer cooler. It’s a great centre piece for every type of Halloween party!

Halloween Activities in Belfast with Makes and Bakes

This Halloween we have lots of fab cooking and arts and crafts activities available in Belfast and Beyond. We will be making spooky spider bath bombs with hidden toys inside, we will be running witchy cupcake workshops. We will also be leading mad science slime parties and chocolate art with a wacky twist. So if you are interested in themed art activities for your home party or public event get in contact. We are experts at keeping the mess to a minimum so at least the tidying up won’t be scary!
So there you have it, seven great ways to elevate your party this year with fun Halloween activities. Thanks to our fantastic staff for sharing their party wisdom! Remember you can also learn more about us here or you can find us on social media.

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