Makes and Bakes is Back!

makes and bakes

Makes and Bakes is back and we have been doing an online remodel that we are so pleased to finally be able to show off to you.

It has been a tough time for almost all businesses over the course of the pandemic. However, the event industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors.

Due to the restrictions on gatherings we had to take a bit of a step back from our work, mostly focusing on online events and, later on in the year, small outdoor parties.

However, events are hopefully on their way back (with terminator “I’ll be back” style gusto).

Therefore, I am so excited to get myself and my team back to doing what we do best!

I have always loved what I do and at Makes and Bakes I hire others who also believe that creative activity can be a great source of fun and stress relief.

(Two things we all definitely need after the last two years!)

We are hitting the ground running this year with a new and improved online look.

Most of all I have to thank all of those who have supported us through the past year and a half.

A particular mention goes to the parents of our after schools kids. They all very kindly refused refunds for the sessions missed due to the lockdown.

We really appreciated their support which helped the entire team through such a difficult time for the business.

The Makes and Bakes team looks forward to bringing you more creative fun in 2022.

We are even in the process of testing out some new activities that we hope to bring you later this year!

Best wishes for the New Year,