Fabric Arts & Crafts Workshop

Our fabric crafts are great fun for kids all the way up to teens. You can choose to have your guests all start this activity at the same time. However, it also works well as a drop in workshop, where guests can stop by the table whenever they like to get creative. (You can also check out our tie-dye workshop if you are looking for a longer activity to keep your guests occupied.)

As always, all our workshops are fully staffed so there is always someone friendly on-side to support those who need it and keep things tidy.

Our sewing workshops use pre-punched, pre-cut designs and a plastic needle, so it is totally safe, involving no sharp tools. Kids can learn the basics of sewing while making something fun. Our sewing crafts are £6.50 per person

In our fabric decorating workshops, kids can design something to wear or put up in  their room using our specialist fabric markers and other extra decorations. We have lots of blank options for you to choose from. Most of our fabric blank range of crafts are £6.50 per person, the t-shirt, apron and cape decorating are £8.50 per person. 

Our Typical Fabric Crafts Range

Our Fabric crafts designs may change a little seasonally although the overall craft project will be the same.  If you are interested in any of the crafts below., we can send you our  options up-to-date designs when you enquire. We often have designs that can be themed to your event. Check out our usual range of crafts below.

Sew Decorations

Sew Toys

Sew Puppets


Tote Bags

Pencil cases





Sleep Masks

Keyring Bags


Drawstring Bags

Hero Capes

Snap Cuffs