Creative Job Opportunities

Looking for a fun job that will allow you to use your creative skills! Makes and Bakes has lots of creative job opportunities that might be the perfect fit for you. Our work is flexible and part time. Our instructors simply sign up to the hours they can work, meaning that you can fit your role around student life, retirement, family commitment or another job.

Your work will involve leading our craft workshops at various events and venues across Northern Ireland, while maintaining a high standard of health & safety and a tidy and organised workstation. 

Our staff receive full training, so we are interested in talking to you even if you don’t have paid experience in this field. However, being passionate about creative work and interested in working with people is an essential! Responsibility, confidence and initiative are also important in this role as our instructors often work alone. Reliability is the number one quality we look for in our staff. Backing out of a job at the last minute can ruin a child’s birthday. For that reason, it is important that we can trust our staff to keep their commitments except in the case of emergencies. 

Please note that this role requires a lot of travel to areas that often cannot be reached by public transport or bicycle. Therefore, the ability to drive is preferable, however, it is not essential as long as you have a dependable lift to get you to work.

The Benefits of Working for Makes and Bakes:

  • Creative, varied and fun work
  • Flexible hours and no late nights
  • Great pay 
  • No age based pay disparity
  • Travel pay for your fuel and time when you travel to venues outside Belfast
  • Valuable experience for creative or youth work based career paths

The Qualities We Look For:

  • Reliability
  • Initiative & Responsibility
  • Creativity & Enthusiasm
  • Passion for Working With People Particularly Children
  • Confident & Clear Speaker
  • Ideally Able to Drive

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Creative Franchise Opportunities

If you like what we do and want to start you own branch of Makes and Bakes in a new location get in contact to learn more and request an information pack. When you run a Makes and Bakes workshop, you use your own creativity to inspire others to enjoy and benefit from taking part in art. You’ll also benefit from our occupational therapist collaborations. It’s a perfect fit if you want to run a rewarding and flexible business that you can fit around your existing commitments. While starting your own business may seem daunting, with our ongoing support, training, marketing materials and products we can help you bypass the teething problems and go straight to success. You can keep up-to-date on our latest franchise news on our blog or google updates.